Hannah Choi

Simple Skincare New Product Launch Campaign


Simple Skincare campaign:

Make up for Makeup

my role: Senior Art Director, Creative Lead, Designer
Designers: Bianca Gonzalez, Molly Kugelmann
Copywriter: Marley Tito

Simple Skincare launched 3 new products over the summer. Each have their own benefits that not only help cleanse, but also replenish the skin. They asked us to utilize their new global branding to appeal less to the teenage market and more to older millennials through Twitter. The creative team and I used the insight that this target is very experimental with makeup, whether it's heavily "Kylie" inspired or trying out different "nude/natural" looks. No matter what or how much you use, you can always "make up for makeup" using Simple! Through image galleries, gifs, videos, and scratch reels, we broke it out into 3 phases for the year:



PHASE 1: what

Introduce and educate how to use the new products in order to fully utilize the benefits.

PHASE 2: when

Pair makeup trends and mistakes people often make with certain products that can help you start over.

PHASE 3: how

Show Halloween makeup looks to see how to use Simple in the ultimate removal tests.


PHASE 1: what

Photographer: Lizzie Brooks


PHASE 2: when

Photographer: Marta McAdams
Makeup Artist: Gita Bass
Hair Stylist: Fred Vanderbunt


PHASE 3: how

Photographers: Marta McAdams
Makeup Artists: Clarissa Luna
Hair Stylists: Fred Vanderbunt
Influencers: Mermaid - Deepica Mutyala    |    Glam Rockstar - Amy Marie Gaertner