Q-tips - social rebrand

my role: Senior Art Director/Lead Creative, Designer, Crafter
Art Director/Designer: Molly Kugelmann    |    Photographer: Lizzie Brooks    |    Nail Artists: Amy Tran & Casey Danton (DullLikeGlitter)

Q-tips wanted to shift their beauty tool image to an all encompassing item  such as: cleaning, arts & crafts, entertainment, nail art, & etc. I lead the creative team to develop a new visual guideline for all social channels to be inspirational content. We created handmade crafts internally, developed relationships with social influencers/artists for sponsored posts, and made DIY step by steps. The word spread throughout the arts & crafts community and we increased the number of followers and fans by 250%.

All of the Q-tips crafts in this section was handmade by me.


DIY: Step By Steps influencer partnerships

cotton rounds garland: Lovely Indeed    |    precision tips tree decor: aww sam    |    gold leaf planter: lovely indeed