Tiny Sneaks

personal project
my role: concept Designer, painter, Crafter
press:   DELISH.com    |    footwear news    |    yahoo news

Tiny Sneaks is a series of custom sneakers for babies I created after many of my close friends started having kids. Baby registries usually list necessities that will most likely be thrown out or donated after the baby outgrows it. So I started these as a more updated version of the bronzed shoe. I hand-paint, sculpt, dye, and design the shoes myself usually with a matching conceptual package. They are wearable and when the baby is too big for them, they can be displayed. Also — I, too, have tiny feet and it's a constant struggle to have cool sneakers in smaller sizes. So... might as well make my own!

If you're interested in commissioning a pair, click here for more